QHow long does the program last?

A:  The internship begins the first week of January and ends on April 15.  However, there is a training period during November and December prior to the internship.

Q:  Are the internships paid or unpaid?

A:  H&G internships are paid positions and the wages are competitive.

QWhat type of training program and support do you offer?

A:  In November the formal training will commence with a session led by the Training Staff.  You will then be assigned training modules to complete on your own schedule before the next staff-led session.

  • Our training includes sessions on all the software you will need to be familiar with to hit the ground running in January. We are a paperless office and we use the ProSystem fx Suite.  You will be trained to use Tax, Engagement, Document and Fixed Assets – the programs we use to prepare audits and tax returns.  We also use the Microsoft Office Suite and you will utilize Word, Excel and Outlook daily.
  • On-the-job training is very important as well and you will be assigned a mentor to help coordinate your schedule and keep you challenged.  Most of your projects during tax season will be monitored by your mentor or the Intern Coordinator, and you will have full access to the wealth of knowledge of the other staff accountants and partners.
  • Lastly, your work will be well-supervised and reviewed. You will get the benefit of positive feedback throughout your internship. As you will be working alongside veteran accountants, you will find the internship to be a dynamic learning experience.

Q:  Do you have positions available for tax and audit?

A:  We hire some interns who work strictly with tax, others who work strictly with audit, and still others who work with both.  We distinguish our program from others in that our interns do many different types of hands-on work.  In 2010, we had 5 interns that worked on both large audit and tax projects.

QWhat kind of work will I do?

A:  Interns will perform the same type of work as entry-level staff accountants.

  • Audit duties will include field work in the areas of compliance and financial statement testing.  Additional responsibilities include subsequent testing and preparation of financial statements for audits, reviews and compilations.  You will get to work at clients’ offices and gain an understanding of most areas of an audit.
  • Tax duties will include the preparation of tax returns for individuals, partnerships, S-corps, estates and not-for-profits.  The preparation of individual returns will include preparing recaps of brokerage statements, K-1 Forms, and gain/loss schedules.  You may have opportunities to work on multi-state returns.

QWhat will my schedule be like?  Can I work full time or part time?  What about school?

A:  We hire both full- and part-time interns.  Some students have taken a semester off from school in order to gain real world experience and have later said it was the best decision they ever made.  If you are more interested in a part-time internship, we have a flexible program and will schedule your work hours around your class hours.  Also, check with your advisor on how you can get course credit for your internship.

QCan I benefit from an H&G internship if I don’t plan to stay in Valdosta long-term?

A:  Yes – the work experience you gain as an intern will be useful no matter where you plan on going after you graduate or what area of accounting you plan to pursue.  Our interns gain a lot of wisdom and insight from working in a professional environment, interacting with clients, and utilizing cutting-edge software and technology.  We are confident that our internship will make you more marketable as you pursue your accounting career after graduation.  Your experience is a great resume builder and topic of discussion for interviews, and we have assisted prior interns in obtaining employment in other markets through our network of firms.