Past Events

VSU Beta Alpha Psi Open House – 2012

Henderson and GodbeeSeptember 6, 2012 – H&G hosted their annual Open House for members of Beta Alpha Psi. Partners and staff talked with the honor students about current accounting trends, our annual internship program and the accounting profession. We enjoyed meeting with future professionals and it was a great opportunity for students to learn more about public accounting.





Henderson and Godbee      Henderson and Godbee

VSU Beta Alpha Psi Open House – 2011

September 15, 2011 – The Annual H&G Open House was held for active member of VSU’s Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honor Society. H&G Partners & Staff were on hand to network with accounting and finance students about the accounting profession and discuss our internship program.







VSU Beta Alpha Psi H&G Open House – 2010

Henderson & Godbee hosts Meet & Greet for VSU's Beta Alpha Psi

September 9, 2010- H&G Partners & Staff held a Meet & Greet for the members of VSU’s Beta Alpha Psi. We generally do this every year in September. This provides an opportunity for accounting/business students to talk with accounting professionals about what kind of work they do, discuss current issues in business and to network with other students and professionals.